SSL Certificates in Afghanistan

If you’re serious about doing business online, you need SSL.
It’s the best way to protect user data and defend against identity theft.

SSL Certificates are a simple and cost-effective way to protect private information

24x7x365 customer support with any request you may have

Keep payments & customer data private

SSL Certificate

$ from17 .95 /Year

RapidSSL is an ideal choice for securing new, small and medium-sized businesses.

  • Single Domain
  • $10,000 Warranty
  • 15-Day Refund
  • No Paperwork

SSL Certificate
SSL Wildcard

$ from149 .00 /Year

RapidSSL Wildcard, you can easily secure an unlimited number of sub-domains of the same domain.

  • Multiple Subdomains
  • $5,000 Warranty
  • 15-Day Refund
  • No Paperwork

SSL Certificate
BusinessID EV

$ from191 .00 /Year

A True BusinessID with EV certificate is inexpensive SSL solution for sites that need to prove authenticity.

  • Single domain
  • $1,500,000 Warranty
  • 15-Day Refund
  • Green Bar in Browsers

SSL Certificate
Symantec EV

$ from799 .00 /Year

Full business validation and all the features. Trust Symantec. It may take up to 10 business days.

  • Multiple Domains
  • $1,500,000 Warranty
  • 30-Day Refund
  • Green Bar in Browsers

Top-Tier Support

At, we’re known for providing the finest service in the industry. That’s probably thanks to our stellar support team – in addition to being incredibly knowledgeable, support staffers are some of the nicest, most helpful people you’ll ever encounter. They’re available 24/7 to answer questions and offer advice.

Site Seal

The site seal is a graphic representation of your protection – it’s the main reason people buy SSL. It serves as a constant reminder to customers that your site is protected. Most web users know to look for a site seal, so it’s important to have one. Seals vary in appearance to reflect the differences between certs, but every SSL certificate we offer comes with a seal.

Browser Ubiquity

We handpick our SSL certificates to ensure strong browser ubiquity. This means that the majority of the world’s browsers will recognize these certs rather than throwing up a red flag because the company issuing the cert is unknown and its protection cannot be guaranteed. All of our certs are supported by all popular browsers.

Encryption Level

Security is determined by the number of bits used to generate the encryption key, which is then used to encrypt the data. Most of our SSL certificates use either 256-bit or 128-bit encryption, depending on the capabilities of computer and server. Both 256- and 128-bit are industry standard for data protection.

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